Speed. AMPs load about twice as fast as a comparable mobile page, and have only one-tenth the latency. That’s an enormous speed advantage over traditional web pages. That increased speed will give you a couple distinct benefits: customers will be able to access your content faster, and your visitors will be more likely to go through a purchase or checkout process since they know it will go quickly and smoothly.

Visibility. Next, AMPs give your site a boost in visibility. Currently, having a page with AMP protocols doesn’t increase your domain authority or page authority, but it does make that page eligible for the AMP carousel that rests above typical search results. Though not available for every query, this can give your page a substantial boost in organic search results, and send far more traffic your way.

Dwell time. There’s some evidence to suggest that AMPs have a higher dwell time than their traditional counterparts. This could be due to a number of reasons; for example, it could be that the faster loading speed encourages visitors to stick around longer and view more content, or it could be that because they’re higher-ranked results, they naturally attract more dedicated traffic. Either way, using AMP could increase the amount of time your visitors spend on your site.

Engagement. AMPs also give you more opportunities to engage with your visitors. Visitors on an AMP are more likely to interact with any features you offer, including forms, buttons, links, videos, and even online shopping because your site will look sleeker and offer more functionality.

Competition. Don’t forget that there’s a competitive element at play here as well. If all your competitors are using AMPs consistently, and you aren’t, you might stand out as lagging behind them. Conversely, if you adopt AMP protocols before your competition, you could look like a frontrunner and differentiate yourself in a positive light.

Overall, AMPs are an effective way to increase your search visibility, give your visitors a better impression of your brand, and possibly secure more conversions from the traffic you receive as well.

Source: forbes.com